How ALI works

Delivering powerful continuous insights to optimize automotive logistics businesses

Add sensors

Legacy data inputs feed cloud-based AI-powered data analytics to enhance your operation from day one. You can add sensors to increase resolution

Payback period

Because ALI requires no time-consuming and complex installation and no hardware it’s quick and easy to get up and running. All that’s needed is ViLOG’s simple-to-use smartphone app. There’s no lengthy payback period and scaling is effortless

Digital twin

Data collected from legacy systems and sensors is used to feed powerful, cloud-based AI and machine learning to constantly update and optimize a “digital twin” of your entire finished vehicle factory-to-customer operation. Adding sensors increases the amount of data and allows ALI to make ever more incisive optimizations

Rapidly identify

ALI identifies where challenges in the logistics chain arise and then analyses all available information to come up with solutions. For example, ALI could identify an issue with new-vehicle transporter loading that’s leading to repeated cosmetic damage, or the routing around a bonded car lot that’s adding time to storing and retrieving vehicles, or a problem with vehicle preparations that’s leaving end-customers with underinflated tyres on their new cars. Whatever the pain point, ALI will rapidly identify it and guide you to a solution that eliminates human error, maximizes efficiency, tightly controls costs and delights end customers

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