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1. What is ViLOG?

ViLOG is an AI-powered asset logistics & yard management solution that allows efficient asset tracking and management. The service allows tracking of assets (vehicles) and getting insights on process performance based on the asset and employees location analytics, and the interaction between the assets and employees. The captured and processed data can be used by ViLOG and other customer’s 3rd party software systems to track and optimize operations and company business processes.

2. What are the main components of the ViLOG solution?

ViLOG uses standard BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons and a custom mobile app, backed by cloud services to achieve operational efficiency at a lower cost. In addition ViLOG can integrate multiple data sources including 3rd party tags (GPS trackers, OBD plugs, RFID tags, etc.) to provide more accurate actionable insights.

3. What is ViLOG pricing model?

ViLOG aligns closely with our customer’s business objectives, with usage-based pricing based on how much they use ViLOG. It’s also known as consumption-based pricing, which empowers customers to innovate and discover use cases without worrying about high costs.

4. Is it mandatory to use industrial routers along with smartphones?

No, It is customer’s preference if you would like to install routers on utility vehicles and(or) at fixed locations for extra convenience.

5. Does testing Vilog require the presence of ViLOG representatives on site?

No, not necessary. We onboarded many customers completely remote. The solution is easy to use and doesn’t require complex implementation or intensive training.

6. How long does it take to start using ViLOG?

Just a few days. You need to receive beacons from ViLOG or buy them from other vendors, install the ViLOG app on your mobile phone(s) and you are good to start!

7. Can we source beacons from our own vendors?

Yes, you can. ViLOG uses off the shelf beacons available from many vendors worldwide.

8. Can we use ViLOG to track other types of assets?

ViLOG started as a finished vehicles logistics solution but proved to work very well with any bulky assets (cable drums, wood, metal piles, trailers, etc.)

9. Can ViLOG allocate tasks to users nearest to asset(s)?

ViLOG stores and processes location data of the devices which employees carry with them and assets location data. Thanks to that we can allocate tasks to people closest to assets.

10. Does your solution require to be installed on premise?

ViLOG is a cloud based platform, but in case of specific customer requirement, it can be also deployed on premise.

11. Can we integrate Vilog with our back-office systems?

Yes, ViLOG provides an extensive set of APIs, which allows integration with 3rd party software as well as building customer-specific extensions.

12. Is there a limit to the number of assets Vilog is able to track?

No. ViLOG is a highly scalable and secured service cloud, which is built using cutting-edge technology and architecture concepts.

13. Are there any special requirements for yard, facility, parking lot where Vilog is to be used?

ViLOG doesn’t require any reorganization of the facility, such as floor markings, additional fixed hardware, area naming, etc.

14. Is Vilog GDPR compliant?


15. What is the tracking precision (in meters) indoors and outdoors?

Outdoors – 1-3 meters, indoors – depends on the material of structure.

16. What is the battery life of beacons? Are batteries replaceable?

The batteries are easy to replace and they usually last up to 1.5 years.

17. Can beacons operate in extreme temperatures and covered with snow?

Snow does not impair beacons’ signal strength. As for extreme temperatures, we need more information about your specific use case and requirements to be able to tell you. In the market of finished vehicles logistics, we have never met conditions where beacons could not be used. Lithium coin batteries are capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures: from -30°C up to +60°C. Moreover, a special sealing technique, creating less distance between materials through high compression, also guarantees low self discharge rate, a high energy density and no deterioration.

18. Which form factors of beacons are available?

There are many options available depending on the requirements of your use case. There are different types of casings for various climate conditions. Special grade batteries can be used for more extreme temperatures. It is possible to apply a QR code and other printed information on the side of the beacon.

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