Customer benefits

Because ALI is a continuously enhancing intelligence platform, it consistently reveals new insights

ALI learns

The more ALI learns, the more it optimizes processes for the continuous benefit of the business and the satisfaction of partners and end customers

ALI’s cloud-based

Uninterrupted monitoring of a finished vehicle’s status enables feeds ALI’s cloud-based, AI-powered data analytics and machine learning to continuously enhance automotive logistics businesses from the second it’s switched on

Сomplementing operation

ALI is capable of easily complementing its operation with locally-gathered data from legacy systems and new data sources. For example, video lot cameras, GPS trackers, RFID tags and Bluetooth beacons. These data inputs enhance the resolution and accuracy of the solution compared to its hardware-free mode

Powerful operational improvements

ALI’s insights enable powerful operational refinements and optimizations at all stages of the automotive logistics business. Such insights transform the operational and cost effectiveness of the factory-to-customer finished vehicle automotive supply chain. For example, haulage firms can optimise loading and delivery schedules, employees can move vehicles around the lot quickly and park them in the ideal spot for rapid retrieval, and end customers can be informed via their smartphone that their car is currently being detailed and will be available to drive away in less than an hour