ViLOG is the answer to tomorrow’s automotive logistics challenges

Leveraging the latest cloud, AI and IoT technologies the system increases inventory turnover, reduces costs and is easy to deploy and operate.

Track & manage without infrastructure

No base stations required!

Track assets using staff mobile phones with ViLOG App and affordable Bluetooth BLE beacons. ViLOG requires no scanners, antennas, gates, base stations, making onboarding effortless and instant.

Just associate a BLE beacon with the asset using the ViLOG App’s scan/confirm flow, and the asset is dynamically tracked in ViLOG Cloud.

VILOG is equally efficient for yards of any size, shape, indoor or out – you can start instantly with a handful of assets, and rapidly scale at any pace.

Simple and cost efficient!

See how KIA uses ViLOG

Optimize your end-to-end yard management

Thanks to always accurate and real-time asset tracking and analytics, ViLOG optimizes your operations and empowers your employees.

Every staff member contributes to your company success!

  • Yard Operators can ensure smooth arrival, movement, handling, and shipment of assets;
  • Logistics Coordinators can ensure uninterrupted and error-free customer service;
  • Customer Representatives can provide customers instant updates and quickly handle any complaints;
  • Yard Managers can now make better data-driven decisions, improving efficiency and lowering cost;
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Get cost-effective, pay-per-asset subscription


Use any standard BLE beacons


Integrate your system via Cloud interface

How ViLOG works

We’ve gone to great lengths to come up with just the optimal technology stack that would enable maximum efficiency without deploying complex hardware infrastructure or compromising performance. The system consists of three components.

  1. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons are uniquely coupled with asset identifiers. Optionally, fixed BLE beacons can be added to logistics machinery and/or at fixed points throughout the yard to increase accuracy.
  2. ViLOG App is installed on yard operators’ mobile phones, and continually collects real-time data from assets and people across the yard.
  3. ViLOG Cloud uses a complex AI-powered detection mechanism to calculate precise positioning of assets, and deliver actionable insights to optimize yard logistics.


No worries! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • 1

    1. Digital Model

    We create a digital model of your yard. ViLOG supports Google Maps and other GIS systems as well.

  • 2

    2. BLE Beacons

    We can ship them to you, or you can buy them directly from a supplier of your choice based on our specifications.

  • 3

    3. ViLOG Cloud and App

    We setup your ViLOG account, and you download the ViLOG App to relevant employees’ mobile phones.

  • You are good to go!

    Start using the ViLOG service right away.

Partner program

The ViLOG Platform is an open technology environment that provides partnership opportunities for leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Value Added Resellers (VARs), and System Integrators (SIs). 

Partners seeking to provide their customers with exceptional yard and hub logistics solutions, are invited to team up with us and become an official ViLOG Partner.

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